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AloComputer utilizes an advanced computer repair lab featuring experienced technicians with the latest diagnose and repair instruments. We provide a wide range of repair services to our customers in the following fields.

Laptop & Desktop Repairs

When it comes to computer hardware problems, we can diagnose, locate and change the malfunctioning piece with the genuine one available in the market. When the replacement is not an option, we provide you with the repair services if applicable:

  • Fully diagnose your system for errors.
  • Thoroughly locate the malfunctioning hardware.
  • Replace the hardware with a new one.
  • Repair the hardware when replacement is not an option.
  • Fully test the system for further problems.

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Data Recovery

If you have lost your data from hard disk or any other memory equivalent devices, no matter if it is a result of a hardware crash, undeliberate format process, or even you just have simply deleted your data from your device, we have software as well as hardware recovery solutions that may recover your precious data. Ask our experts about the process and rates.

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