Your Remote IT Assistant

Operating Systems Related Issues?

If you have any problem regarding the Operating System on your devices, including but not limited to the followings:

  • Installing an Operating System
  • Troubleshooting an issue in your operating system
  • backing up and restoring your operating system
  • Virus scan & other technical Issue in your system

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Software Related Issues?

If you are up to do something with your device and need some hand with specific software, we provide the followings for you:

  • Consultation on choosing the appropriate software for doing a specific task.
  • Installing / Uninstalling software on your devices.
  • Check your system for security vulnerabilities.
  • Installing Anti Virus on your system.
  • Scanning for Viruses and Malware on your system and deleting/quarantining them from your device.

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Having Issues With Your Peripherals?

If you want to buy a new peripheral for your device but need some consultation from an expert, or even you have some trouble with your printer, scanner and so on, here we are for:

  • Consultation on buying the most appropriate peripherals as far as both the functionality and affordability matters.
  • Helping you to troubleshoot the peripherals that you have a problem with.
  • Helping you to install your peripherals and IT gadgets.

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Network and Internet Issues?

Do you have Internet or network connectivity issues or you want some consultations on developing your own home/office or enterprise network in the context of LAN or WAN? We can offer you the following services then:

  • Consultation on designing a network or buying a special network device for your needs.
  • Implementing your customized network topology.
  • Resolving your network and Internet connectivity issues.

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Hardware Problem?

Although we cannot provide you with the detailed hardware services on the phone or over the Internet, we can thoroughly guide you to spot the malfunctioned hardware component and provide:

  • Consultation on spotting the malfunctions in your hardware.
  • Proper instruction to choose the best substitution in the market.
  • Introducing you the Alo Computer Hardware & Repair department to provide you with the best Repair Service.

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